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The flagship trading system, Provisave, is an intra-day currency trading strategy. Monitoring the forex market closely for good trading opportunities with decent risk-reward ratio, trades are entered at high probability entry points based on price actions and fundamentals. We aggressively look for consistent profits, yet keeping to low drawdown within 20% at most times.

Enjoy Tallinex 100% Deposit Bonus with the above registration. Make the most of every deposit with the 100% Deposit Bonus scheme! This is new, this is big, and this is different:

  • Get a 100% “matching bonus” on every deposit you make
  • Bonus amounts are added to your account balance once qualified trading volume is achieved
  • Earn back each deposit as cash – simply leave the trading to us
  • Track your bonus qualification progress via the Bonuses page under Funding menu in your back-office
  • No time limit for qualification = no pressure
  • No restrictions on withdrawing capital or profits
  • Qualification progress cannot be “lost”

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