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Provisave offers you the opportunity to earn a referral fee by simply recommending our managed investment service to your friends and clients. To qualify as a referrer, you will only need to be an existing investor with minimum of $20,000 of your own money invested.

Trader Development Program

Provisave takes a long-term approach in developing new and budding traders. Our Trader Development Program focuses on you developing your trading skills, attitude, competency and consistency as a professional trader. Traders are required to start freshly on a new trading account by one of the recommended forex brokers, so that our program mentors are able to get to know each trader through their performance and understand their methods and approach to risk.

Our program mentors will actively monitor each trader account, based on performance & profitability, ability to manage leverage and drawdowns consistently, and risk-reward. Funding may be made available to registered traders who can prove ongoing success through the trading accounts. Funding decisions shall be solely determined at the discretion of our program mentors.

To protect our investors, all traders go through intensive selection and screening which may take years before going live. Proprietary funds will be provided at the first level of funding, before being released for retail investment funds though Provisave managed investment service.




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