Provisave SGD

The flagship trading system, Provisave, is a combination of short-term intra-day trading as well as longer-term swing trading strategy. Monitoring the forex market closely for good trading opportunities with decent risk-reward ratio, trades are entered at high probability entry points based on price actions and fundamentals. We aggressively look for consistent profits, yet keeping to low drawdown within 10-20% at most times.

Asset Class : Forex
Minimum Investment : $10,000 SGD
Average Monthly Returns : over 4%
Target Annual Return : 25% – 50%
Maximum Drawdown : up to 40% (usually kept within 20%)
Performance Fee : 50% and less success fee on profit based on high watermark basis
(50 % of positive performance to be assessed on Net Liquidating Value of account on a monthly basis. 45% for NLV above $100,000; 40% for NLV above $250,000; 35% for NLV above $500,000; 30% for NLV above $1,000,000)

Provisave SGD was incepted on 11 July 2016, as an extension to Provisave Global. Provisave SGD provide retail investors and general public access to institutional-grade trading strategies. The trading strategy have been successful for the past 5 years, generating consistent profits for private proprietary funds. Provisave SGD is denominated in the Singapore dollars, allowing global clients to be able to participate in our trading system in an alternative currency other than the US dollars.

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